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Amanda Fulop
Director, Client Services
Amanda's role as the Director of Client Services in British Columbia involves several important responsibilities, with a focus on sales and recruitment. She has a strong background in the staffing industry, having accumulated several years experience in the field. Amanda's specialization in marketing and her utilization of diverse recruitment techniques make her a valuable asset in attracting and placing the right candidates for her clients.

One of Amanda's key strengths is her dedication to customer satisfaction. She goes above and beyond by making herself available around the clock, demonstrating her commitment to putting the customer first. This level of availability ensures that clients receive the attention and support they need, which can be crucial in the fast-paced world of staffing and recruitment.

Amanda's combination of expertise, experience, and customer-centric approach makes her an effective leader in the field of client services, particularly in the British Columbia region. Her ability to understand the unique needs of both clients and candidates, coupled with her relentless commitment to excellence, sets the stage for successful partnerships and outcomes in the staffing industry.

Amanda Fulop